Available Strike Preps and Hinge Preps

Standard Strike Preps

  • The TA-1 Strike Prep can be placed at any location
  • The Deadbolt Strike must be placed a minimum of 3 1/2" from any other strike prep

No Strike Prep

  • Some Strike Jambs will require no prep

Electric Strike Prep

  • Other Strike Jambs will require a special prep.
  • Consult the factory for a current list of pres, availability and cost

Mortise /ASA 4 7/8"

Onity (Formerly TESA) Brand Mortise Lock


Mortise /ASA 4 7/8"
Vingcard Brand Mortise Lock 


D-Strike (Full Lip)


  • This prep enables the strike plate from the lockset to be applied to the frame.
  • 1/4" of adjustability allowing for proper door closure in the field.
  • Superior to any other D-Strike prep in the field because of the profile. (No gap between the strike plate and the frame)

Hinge Preps

4”  Non - Template
5/8” Radius

4” Template
Timely ¼” Radius

4 ½” Template
Timely Square Corner


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